JP Generators would like to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution by adapting generatorsets to the use of environmentally friendly fuels such as biofuels.

We are not afraid to test new fuels and are open to all your wishes.


When you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution for your (emergency) power application, biofuel is a good alternative. A popular environmentally friendly fuel is the second generation of biofuel, in which 100% used coockingoil is processed.

The diagram below shows that CO2 emissions from biofuel is over 2.5 times lower than conventional diesel.


• CO2 is also known as carbon dioxide. CO2 is one of the main greenhouse gases, which is responsible for global warming.
• NOx is the generic term for nitrogen oxides, such as NO and NO2. NOx contributes to the acidification of the environment as well as air pollution. In town centers and along roads health standards for NOx are exceeded.
• PM10 are particulates.  Particulates are particles, which are smaller than 10 micrometers. Soot is a type of particulates and when inhaled, harmful to health. Especially with children and people with respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases, exposure to particulates will lead to a reduction in lung function.


If you’re interested in adjusting your generatorset to the use of biofuels or you need more information, please contact us by the contact form or call us at +31 (0) 174 51 10 65.