Sales used generatorsets


JP Generators has used generatorsets in stock as well. These are thoroughly checked by us and meet all quality requirements. The used generatorsets are competitively priced and are, like the new sets, customized to your needs.


Our stock of used installations will be updated regularly. Please contact us for more information about the implementation of a used set. If the required product is not on the list, please tell us your wishes and we offer what you desire.


Project used generatorsets for Data Center (see photos below). It is a revision project of a complete Emergency power generatorset from the year 1998, which has served as a emergency power generator for a Ministry of Defence building. Always well maintained and limited working hours. The history, maintenance and operating hours is by means of documentation demonstrated. After thorough inspection, overhaul, cleaning and preservation, this generator is equipped with modern digital control techniques. The DSE8620 control and monitoring system, which can be monitored remotely is set up since 2012 by a renowned Data Center in Europe.