JP Generators installs generatorsets as you wish, in a way that is most advantageous, most reliable and safest for you.

JP Generators is specialized in:

  • Connection to the network
  • Emergency Generatorset with UPS
  • Synchronization to the network (parallel)
  • Automatically acquisition of the grid monitored remotely
  • Readjusting and putting new Switchboards
  • Customized consultation

Generatorsets from 5 kVA to 2500 kVA: all kinds of generatorsets can be installed according to your wishes. This may be on your site or partly be set in our workshop, after which your electrician can complete the installation on site.

When installing the equipment on your site, we will review and discuss (if necessary and / or desired) the situation to make sure what is needed and what has to be done.